Improving support after cancer treatment

Nationwide patient survey guides action plan

When cancer treatment ends, patients return to their primary care provider for follow-up care. But the transition is tough for many patients. The Partnership’s national survey of 13,000 cancer survivors found that patients often don’t get the support they need for their many emotional, physical and practical challenges.

The Partnership hopes to change that. To identify priorities for action, the Partnership and the McMaster Health Forum worked with key stakeholders on the following:

  • Citizen panels: Two citizen panels (one English, one French) of patients, survivors and family members provided their insights on what can be done to improve patients’ transitions from cancer care to primary care.
  • Evidence review: International and local research was reviewed to gather insights and identify options for addressing the issues at a system level.
  • Stakeholder dialogue: A consultation was held with health system leaders, policy-makers and cancer and primary health care professionals from across Canada. Participants recommended a set of actions drawing on the evidence, their experience and the insights from the citizen panels. The results are captured in the dialogue summary.

The Partnership will use this input and the survey results to create an action plan. The Partnership has also highlighted some of the survey results in a bulletin, Experiences of Cancer Patients in Transition Study: Emotional Challenges.


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Annual Report 2017/18