Reducing disparities

Linked data to shed light on cancer care disparities

The Partnership is leading a unique effort to understand why some Canadians receive better cancer care than others, and what we can do about it.

Working with Statistics Canada, the Partnership will link a series of national survey and administrative databases for the first time. The databases capture cancer diagnoses, information on hospital care and data on education, ancestry, income and immigration.

Linking the databases will provide powerful, in-depth data to answer key questions about cancer care, especially those related to disparities in our system. For example, the data will allow us to see how a person’s income level affects their care.

Health care professionals and policy-makers can look at how well the cancer system is serving new immigrants, First Nations, Inuit and Métis or those with low income and education — and begin to close the gaps.

The Partnership will publish the first of several reports using the linked data next year. Following that, the data will also be available to the provinces, territories and researchers across the country, providing a rich resource to help improve cancer care.

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Annual Report 2017/18