Tobacco Screening and Treatment for Adult Cancer Patients

This is a clinical practice guideline for adults (aged 18 and older) at any phase of the cancer care continuum regardless of cancer type, stage (including metastatic) or treatment plan, with some components of the guideline also applicable to the patient’s family and/or caregivers. Recommendations are provided on implementation of the brief tobacco intervention using the evidence-based AAR Brief Tobacco Intervention Model which includes screening, education and assessment, treatment plan, and referral, monitoring, and follow-up. The 2015 guideline was revised in June 2016 to abbreviate the cessation intervention model to best support adoption across all CCA clinics and settings. Clinical considerations and contraindications of treatment options for cancer patients are discussed including nicotine replace therapy (NRT), bupropion, varenicline, and e-cigarettes, and the impact of tobacco use on cancer treatment is reviewed with a specific focus on erlotinib and irinotecan.