Protégé : 2022-23 Annual report

Financial highlights

Read the 2022-23 audited financial statements

Statement of operations and changes in net assets

Year ended March 31, 2023

Decrease risk of people getting cancer in Canada2,416,7493,387,515
Diagnose cancer faster, accurately and at an earlier stage 5,431,7557,216,882
Deliver high-quality care in a sustainable, world-class system 807,326794,681
Deliver supports for patients, families and caregivers 4,448,1586,256,838
Culturally appropriate care closer to home 7,219,6307,331,127
First Nations-, Inuit-, or Métis-governed research and data systems 277,293
Transforming research into improved care 6,925,6068,346,942
Maximizing the impact of health system data to drive change and improving information flow among providers and patients 3,842,6044,284,300
Public engagement and outreach and cancer strategy program support 6,005,2586,364,237
Operating expenses (Note 4)*
Government of Canada (Note 7)*
Healthcare Excellence Canada 100,000
Other funding 32,186188,474
Excess of revenue over expenses for the year, and net assets at the end of the year
*Refer to the audited financial statements for full details on the note.

Statement of financial position

As at March 31, 2023


Cash 7,348,9984,448,582
Short-term Investments 8,224,1438,037,660
Accounts receivable 539,630615,617
Projects in process – advances (Notes 3)* 578,1892,752,795
Prepaid expenses 559,245677,462
Capital assets (Note 4)* 1,828,9282,035,624
Intangible assets (Note 5)*

Liabilities and net assets

Accounts payable and accrued liabilities 5,718,5125,244,583
Government remittances payable (Note 6)* 106,31175,027
Deferred contributions – Expenses of future periods (Note 7 (a))* 11,072,24110,840,807
Deferred contributions – Capital and intangible assets (Note 7 (b))* 1,405,5281,530,276
Lease inducements (Note 8)* 776,541897,047
Net assets
Commitments and Guarantees (Notes 10 and 11)*
*Refer to the audited financial statements for full details on the note.

Statement of cash flows

Year ended March 31, 2023

Increase (decrease) in cash

Operating Activities20232022
Government of Canada contributions received (Note 7)* 47,500,00052,500,000
Other contributions received 109,990555,635
Interest received on short-term investments 501,05670,829
Interest paid to Government of Canada (70,993)(63,281)
Cash paid for programs and operating expenses (44,921,751)(50,214,028)
Investing Activities20232022
Purchase of short-term investments (7,000,000)
Redemption of short-term investments 4,001,145
Financing Activities20232022
Purchase of capital and intangible assets (217,886)(69,764)
Increase (decrease) in cash 2,900,416(219,464)
Cash, beginning of year 4,448,5824,668,046
Cash, end of period 7,348,9904,448,582
*Refer to the audited financial statements for full details on the note.
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