Dynamic repository houses public prevention policies

Ongoing scans cover nationwide primary prevention policy and legislation

The Prevention repository on Cancer View CanadaResearchers, practitioners and policy specialists working to prevent cancer and other chronic diseases now have an important new resource to support their efforts.

Work by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer has spurred the creation of a comprehensive, searchable database of policies and legislation pertaining to cancer and chronic disease prevention in Canada.

Housed on the Partnership portal Cancer View Canada, the prevention repository currently reviews three areas with known associations to cancer prevention: nutrition, alcohol, and physical activity. In November 2009 three additional areas will be added: infectious agents, tobacco and certain types of radiation. Users can look up information by jurisdiction for policy and legislation.

A unique resource in Canada

The repository will become the only continuously updated resource on prevention policies in Canada, with dynamic information being compiled through extensive, ongoing scans.

Access to this information can offer valuable insights to professionals across jurisdictions which may enhance their ability to enact healthy public policies in their area.

Equally significant is the ability for users to connect, through the repository, with other individuals interested in advancing healthy public policy in Canada, no matter where they are based.

“The opportunity to learn from the experiences of others facilitates knowledge exchange and reduces duplication of efforts,” says Jon Kerner, chair of the Partnership’s Primary Prevention Action Group. “We are building capacity to encourage more informed efforts to advance healthy public policy.”