First Canadian guidelines for endoscopy services published

Recommendations promote patient safety and quality care

Canadian Association of Gastroenterology logoThe Canadian Partnership Against Cancer is pleased to highlight the release of the new Consensus Guidelines on Safety and Quality Indicators in Endoscopy, developed to support continuing quality improvement for endoscopic services, including colon cancer screening and diagnosis. The guidelines were released today by the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology, a group of gastroenterologists, scientists and other health professionals who support and promote the advancement of the scientific study of the digestive tract.

“Our top priorities are patient safety and quality service wherever endoscopic service is delivered in Canada,” said Dr. David Armstrong, Lead, Canadian Association of Gastroenterology Endoscopy Committee. “Having national guidelines in place will be an invaluable tool for endoscopists and facilities across the country to achieve continuous improvements and best use of resources toward patient safety and care.”

With funding from the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer and Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Consensus Guidelines were developed by a group of 35 Canadian, European and U.S.-based experts in endoscopy, gastroenterology, surgery, nursing, legal and ethical issues, patient perspectives and quality improvement in health care.  The new guidelines provide endoscopists and facilities across Canada with 23 evidence-based recommendations ranging from quality and safety indicators to quality assurance, ethics and training in endoscopic services.

“These recommendations provide an important foundation that will help guide the gastroenterology community as they continue to strive for the highest quality and safest treatment for Canadians,” said Heather Bryant, Vice President, Cancer Control at the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer.