Innovative initiatives across Canada aim to improve cancer patients’ experience

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer announces $13 million in funding for partner organizations

TORONTO — Every person who is living with cancer is unique, and so is that person’s cancer journey. The person-centred perspective in cancer care is driven by the needs, values and priorities of the person receiving the care. The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer is pleased to announce $13 million in funding to provinces, territories and cancer organizations across Canada that will focus on best practices that address patients’ needs and improve cancer care delivery. These 14 initiatives will build on the foundational work established during earlier work. Significant gains have been made as partner organisations across the country have examined best practices, established guidelines and identified innovative models of care for cancer survivors.

“Our goal is to work with health system partners, patients and families to find ways to improve the experience of patients in the cancer control system in Canada,” explains Dr. Heather Bryant, VP of Cancer Control at the Partnership. “We believe these projects will play crucial roles in improving patient lives by engaging patients and families and aligning the needs and experiences of patients with how and where their health care is provided.”

Post-treatment challenges

Cancer patients experience a complex range of physical, social, emotional and practical challenges that may persist or continue long after their cancer treatment. The funding of these initiatives will improve the patient experience by deepening our understanding of patient needs; on how palliative care is provided; on how to improve the transition of a patient between cancer care to primary health-care, and on the quality of their experience as a survivor.

“As a patient, I was fortunate to get great care and have supportive family and friends in my cancer journey – and I also know that others have more challenges,” explains Sharon Matthias, a thriving cancer survivor and advisory member at the Partnership. “I’m excited to see these projects moving forward and eager to see what they can teach us about what we can all do to improve the person-centered focus in prevention, treatment, survivorship, thriving, and in palliative care and research.”

The specific goals for these new initiatives will range from measuring improvements in quality of care for children and adults with cancer, to helping patients manage their symptoms, and increasing the ability of clinicians to respond to their needs. Other projects will target improvements in the experience for patients in rural and remote communities, such as for example, building culturally relevant cancer care products for First Nations, Inuit or Métis communities.


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About the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer works with Canada’s cancer community to reduce the burden of cancer on Canadians. Grounded in and informed by the experiences of those affected by cancer, the organization works with partners to support multi-jurisdictional uptake of evidence that will help to optimize cancer control planning and drive improvements in quality of practice across Canada. Through sustained effort and a focus on the cancer continuum, the organization supports the work of the collective cancer community in achieving long-term population outcomes: reduced incidence of cancer, less likelihood of Canadians dying from cancer, and an enhanced quality of life of those affected by cancer.