Minister Ambrose launches advisory panel on health-care innovation

Shelly Jamieson, Pamela Fralic, Rona Ambrose and Chris Power at launch of advisory panel
From left: Shelly Jamieson, CEO, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer; Pamela Fralick, CEO, Canadian Cancer Society; Minister Ambrose; Chris Power, Advisory Panel Member and Board Chair, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer.

A new, federal advisory panel, chaired by Dr. David Naylor, will explore ways Canada can foster innovation to improve patient care and the sustainability of the health-care system. The panel will identify the five most promising areas of innovation in Canada and internationally that have the potential to reduce growth in health spending while improving the quality and accessibility of care, and offer recommendations on how the federal government can support them. Similar to the Partnership’s model, the work of the panel will be evidence-based, minimize duplication of effort, and respect jurisdictional roles.

The Partnership’s new Board Chair, Chris Power, was appointed to the advisory panel along with Cy Frank, Neil Fraser, Francine Girard, Toby Jenkins, Jack Mintz and Heather Reisman.