Over $400 million invested in cancer research in 2007

CCRA releases the third Canadian Cancer Research Survey

Cancer Research Investment in Canada is an annual survey of cancer research being supported by major cancer research funders from governmental and voluntary sectors across Canada. Produced by the Canadian Cancer Research Alliance, this third report reveals that $402.4M was invested in cancer research in 2007.

For the period studied, research administered by the federal government accounted for 60% of the overall investment. Nearly 45% of the total investment involved studies designed to further our understanding of the biology of cancer. Another 22% was invested in research focused on the development and improvement of cancer treatments.

Also included, a special report on research investment focused on childhood and adolescent cancers. It is the first published effort of its kind. The annual investment in childhood and adolescent cancers rose from $12.4M in 2005 to $13.2M in 2007, representing a 6.5% increase.

Two additional reports are underway to look at investment in translational research and prevention.

Production of Cancer Research Investment in Canada, 2007 was funded by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer.

Canadian Cancer Research Alliance

The Canadian Cancer Research Alliance (CCRA) is an alliance of organizations that collectively fund most of the cancer research conducted in Canada – research that will lead to better ways to:

  • prevent cancer
  • diagnose cancer
  • treat cancer
  • improve patient and survivor outcomes
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