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  • June 2018: Emotional health and the transition to survivorship care; Almost half of colorectal cancers are found at late stages, report finds; The future of prevention is almost here; A career in profile: Dr. Deb Dudgeon; Partnership presents research at the CAHSPR conference and the ARCC conference; Banner ad for the 2018 Infoway Partnership Conference
  • May 2018: The Partnership and the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) release data standards for oncology drugs; Using patient-reported outcomes to improve cancer care in Canada ; The 2018 patient experience consumer study 2018: The Beryl Institute; How can we introduce innovative treatments into a publicly-funded health care system?; Physical activity in Canada: then and now
  • April 2018: The Partnership participates in external review of the pan-Canadian health organizations; The future of the Canadian Partnership For Tomorrow Project; A fresh look at the principles and practice of screening for disease; Grief and loss support available amid Humboldt tragedy; New study examines the benefits of connected health information; Measuring access to home care, mental health and addiction services in Canada: new report
  • March 2018: Announcing a new partnership with the University of Toronto; National surgery standards published for gynecologic oncology and thoracic surgery; Northwest Territories launch Indigenous language resources to support cancer care; Where you live may be more important than genetics when it comes to respiratory health: New study; Reviewing and renewing the Canadian health care system: at home and abroad; World cancer leaders meet in Toronto to advance cancer control
  • February 2018: What you need to know about the Partnership’s digital transformation; A summary of Canadian cancer research investment in Canada: New report; Choosing Wisely launches in the Northwest Territories; Global improvement in cancer survival but international differences vary widely; Promoting physical activity in public spaces to advance a culture of health; Two leading non-profits combine efforts to accelerate cancer immunotherapy for patients globally
  • January 2018: Living with cancer in Canada: A national report on the patient experience; One in five Canadians continue to smoke during active cancer treatment; New law calls for the development of a nationwide palliative care framework; Cost of cancer care in Canada a growing economic burden: Study; Making complex health care decisions with confidence


  • December 2017: Season’s Greetings!
  • November 2017: Designing healthy living in Canada: New report from Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer; The impact of patient-provider communication on the Canadian patient experience: Survey results; New grief support resource launches on Canada’s first National Bereavement Day; ‘Cities driving change’ at the 2017 World Cancer Leaders’ Summit; What are the optimal FIT thresholds for colorectal cancer screening in Canada?
  • October 2017:  Appointment of Vice-President, Cancer Control at the Partnership; First Nations people less likely to get cancer, but more likely to die from cancer, than non- First Nations in British Columbia; National review of the eight pan-Canadian health organizations across Canada; New initiative aims to enhance patient involvement in Canadian cancer research;  Partnership named Best Digital Workplace for collaboration
  • September 2017: Making palliative care a routine part of cancer treatment: New report; NEW! National Post launches four-part series on palliative care; High rates of acute care hospitalization among cancer patients near end of life; Expanding our horizons at the 2017 Canadian Hospice Palliative Care conference; Award-winning virtual resource for grief and loss support
  • August 2017: Year-in-review: 2016/17 activities and achievements in cancer control; How to use the Prevention Policies Directory to advance public health policy; Psychosocial support for youth affected by cancer: E-learning series
  • July 2017: What you need to know about breast and colorectal cancer screening in Canada; Advancing compassionate care and support for Canadian caregivers; Ten pathways to policy change in nutrition and food environment policy
  • June 2017: Introducing the Partnership’s new CEO: Cynthia Morton; Language a barrier in cancer screening for women in Canada: new report; Canadian Cancer Society releases new statistics
  • May 2017:  World No Tobacco Day is May 31; Paramedics Provide Palliative and End-of-Life Care at Home; Four-part series dives into the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project
  • April 2017:  [NEW REPORT] Adolescents and young adults with cancer in Canada;  [NEW INFOGRAPHIC] Eight ways to policy change in cancer and chronic disease prevention; A recap of the Innovative Approaches to Optimal Cancer Care in Canada conference
  • March 2017: Submit your application to join the Partnership’s advisory structure by April 14, 2017; Population health researchers meet in Toronto at the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project workshop
  • February 2017:  Don’t delay: Register for Innovative Approaches to Optimal Cancer Care in Canada; First Nations, Inuit and Métis cancer control partners gather in Calgary; Eastern Health recognized for outstanding leadership; The Partnership marks World Cancer Day 2017; Partnership expert profiles available online
  • January 2017: Register today: Early bird registration closes February 17; Explore emerging tobacco control issues; World Cancer Day is February 4; The Partnership welcomes Lynne Hudson to its Board of Directors


  • December 2016: Abstract deadline extended: Submit an abstract for Innovative Approaches to Optimal Cancer Care in Canada by January 9, 2017; New cervical cancer screening guidelines: shifting from overscreening young women to minimize harms; Executive transitions at the Partnership; Season’s Greetings
  • November 2016: Submit an abstract by December 16, 2016: Innovative Approaches to Optimal Cancer Care in Canada conference; New recommendations seek to improve the quality of pathology practice; Introducing
  • October 2016: Join us for the Innovative Approaches to Optimal Cancer Care in Canada conference; 2016 World Cancer Congress to showcase global cancer control innovations; Explore Canada’s cancer data landscape through e‑learning; Canadian Cancer Statistics 2016 shows sharp rise in mouth and throat cancers among men; Ipsos survey shows Canadians strongly support access to high quality palliative care
  • September 2016: Making patient-centred care the “new normal”; Save the date: Innovative Approaches to Optimal Cancer Care in Canada; Available now: Pathways to Policy for physical activity and built environment
  • August 2016: Explore recent achievements of Canada’s cancer strategy; the Partnership welcomes new Board members; CancerControl Alberta steps up to assist Fort McMurray patients
  • June/July 2016: The Partnership thanks outgoing Chair Chris Power; Low-income cancer patients less likely to survive; Maclean’s highlights how data improve Canadian cancer care; Pan-Canadian study aims to improve transitions in care; Now available: Updated smoking cessation resources
  • May 2016: World No Tobacco Day is May 31; Paramedics provide key support to palliative patients; Tools address palliative and end-of-life-care knowledge gaps; New team members
  • April 2016: Canadian Partnership Against Cancer receives endorsement; It’s time to start talking about Advance Care Planning; Recent publications
  • March 2016, Special Edition: New Partnership report measures use of low-value cancer-related tests and procedures; Data call builds new linkages, opportunities for analysis; Monitoring Choosing Wisely Canada recommendations matters; 10 tests and treatments physicians and patients should question in cancer prevention and care
  • March 2016: Lung cancer guidelines recommend screening for Canada’s deadliest cancer; Special Current Oncology supplement augments evidence base for cancer economics; The Partnership welcomes new team members
  • February 2016: Setting the course for 2017-2022 and beyond; “We can” improve cancer control in Canada; Introducing YourCancerStory: An online initiative to capture stories of Canadians touched by cancer; We can, I can video emphasizes how individual stories come together to make a lasting difference; The Partnership welcomes new Board members and advisors
  • January 2016: Get involved: Mark World Cancer Day on February 4; Patient Reported Outcomes empower patients to be active partners in their care; Cancer and smoking cessation communities come together to reduce smoking in cancer patients


  • December 2015: Season’s Greetings
  • November 2015: Disparities in care point to need for complex cancer surgical centres; Prostate cancer treatment varies widely in Canada; Outstanding researchers recognized at the 2015 Canadian Cancer Research Conference
  • October 2015: Canada’s cancer research community to convene at 2015 Canadian Cancer Research Conference; The Partnership hosts First Nations, Inuit and Métis Cancer Control Forum; The Partnership welcomes new advisors; IARC conference on Global Cancer accepting abstracts
  • September 2015: Register for the 2015 Canadian Cancer Research Conference; Partnership CEO Shelly Jamieson shares her experiences stewarding the national cancer strategy in Longwoods’ Healthcare Quarterly
  •  August 2015: Progress in Action: Annual Highlights 2014/15 presents recent achievements of Canada’s cancer strategy; Legacy of Pan Am/Parapan Am Athletes’ Village is a healthy, active community; Call for Canadian cancer costing research article submissions for special edition of Current Oncology
  • July 2015: Canada’s largest-ever health data portal opens to global researchers; Call for Canadian cancer costing research article submissions for special edition of Current Oncology
  • June 2015: Number of Canadians walking, biking to work or school stalls at 22%; ParticipACTION report card gives A- grade to non-governmental organizations for enhancing physical opportunities for children and youth; Unprecedented collaboration among Canada’s cancer community highlighted at Longwoods’ Breakfast with the Chiefs
  • May 2015: 2015 edition of Canadian Cancer Statistics predicts surge in age-related cancers; The Partnership welcomes Mary O’Neill to its Board of Directors; Call for volunteers: Health system experts, clinicians and health professionals
  • April 2015: Call for volunteers: Health system experts, clinicians and health professionals; Standardizing surgical cancer reporting can improve care; Introducing Analytically Yours: A collaborative community of cancer analysts; CCRA reports on achievements of the first-ever, pan-Canadian cancer research strategy; Online at 1 in 3: An in-depth look at healthy living
  • March 2015: Online at 1 in 3: An in-depth look at smoking cessation; Help ensure meets your needs
  • February 2015: Canada reports first-ever cancer stage data; The Partnership marks World Cancer Day 2015; Help ensure meets your needs
  • January 2015: The Partnership promotes greater integration of tobacco control and cancer control; The Partnership marks World Cancer Day 2015; Lung cancer screening framework can help maximize benefits, reduce risk; Online at 1 in 3: An in-depth look at evidence; Available now: Colorectal Cancer Screening in Canada: Monitoring & Evaluation of Quality Indicators – Results Report, January 2011 – December 2012


  • December 2014Season’s Greetings
  • November 2014: Online at 1 in 3: An in-depth look at radon in Canada; Choosing Wisely rethinks unnecessary testing and treatment; The Partnership convenes volunteers with a personal connection to cancer to enrich communications about Canada’s cancer strategy
  • October 2014: Now online at 1 in 3: An in-depth look at adolescent and young adult cancer in Canada; Call for expressions of interest: Cancer treatment data pilot project
  • September 2014: Report offers baseline to measure improvements in cancer control for Métis in Canada; The Partnership welcomes Nicole Beben to the executive team
  • August 2014: Delivering as One: Annual Highlights 2013/14 presents recent achievements of Canada’s cancer strategy; The Partnership welcomes new board members
  • June/July 2014: Chris Power elected Chair of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer; Call for volunteers with a personal connection to cancer
  • May 2014: Now online at 1 in 3: An in-depth look at colorectal cancer in Canada; Melanoma and other skin cancers on the rise in Canada
  • April 2014: Now online at 1 in 3: An in-depth look at palliative care in Canada; Innovative initiatives across Canada aim to improve cancer patients’ experience; Report highlights the need for culturally safe cancer care in Inuit communities; Pan-Canadian, collaborative approach to improve the health of Canadians
  • March 2014: Report shows older Canadians less likely to receive recommended cancer treatments than younger patients; Addressing priority cancer control gaps with and for First Peoples; Dr. Evan Adams recognized for contributions to First Nations, Inuit and Métis health in Canada
  • February 2014: Canadians with lower income often less likely to receive potentially life-saving cancer tests and treatments; Available now: Cervical Cancer Screening in Canada: Program Performance Results Report, January 2009 – December 2011; World Cancer Day 2014: Busting cancer myths; Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project enrolls close to 300,000 volunteers in landmark project for cancer and chronic disease research
  • January 2014: World Cancer Day 2014 aims to dispel common cancer myths; What is the cancer patient journey for First Peoples?; Active transportation policy map showcases examples of action in municipalities across Canada; Available now: Colorectal Cancer Screening in Canada: Program Performance Results Report, January 2009 – December 2011;New resources highlight the need for culturally safe cancer care in First Nations communities


  • December 2013: Season’s Greetings
  • November 2013: Ontario’s successes in pathology reporting have potential to improve practice across Canada; Prevention Policies Directory supports change at the local level to improve the lives of Canadians; New tutorial available: How cancer drug funding decisions are made; New synoptic reporting information available on; Cancer research Community Forum webcast recording now available; Reminder: The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer needs your feedback!; The Partnership welcomes new Board members
  • November 2013, Special Edition: The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer needs your feedback!
  • October 20131 in 3 takes on the HPV vaccine; Last chance to register for the Community Forum on cancer research; $16 million investment in first of its kind Canadian chronic disease research project; The final days of Dr. Larry Librach, a Canadian palliative care pioneer; Where the cancer fight strikes closest to home
  • October 2013, Special Edition: Special invitation: Free Community Forum on Cancer Research
  • September 2013: Interactive microsite highlights progress towards reducing the impact of cancer for all Canadians; 1 in 3: New monthly digest on connects evidence and practice.
  • September 2013, Special Edition: Introducing the 1 in 3 cancer
  • August 2013: Better Together: Annual Highlights 2012/13 presents recent achievements of Canada’s cancer strategy; Canada’s cancer research community to convene in November 2013 at Canadian Cancer Research Conference; In memory of Dr. Larry Librach, a Canadian palliative care leader
  • June/July 2013: Caregivers and patients receiving palliative care share their experiences in new The Truth of It videos; Wanted: Made-in-Canada examples of the impact of digital health; Lessons learned from CancerChatCanada surprised experts; 2013 edition of Canadian Cancer Statistics points to an increase in liver cancer; New report an opportunity to add consistency to the cervical histopathology landscape
  • May 2013: Advisory mechanisms renewal and call for representatives with a personal connection to cancer; Collaborative efforts generate new radiotherapy technology guidelines; Canadian Institute for Health Information study indicates hospital services for cancer patients nearing death vary across Canada
  • April 2013: Strengthening Canada’s capability to conduct practice-changing clinical trials; New report on trends in Canadian cancer research investment now available; New practice guideline addresses need for sleep resources; Help spread the word on Advance Care Planning
  • March 2013: New guides available to boost two key components of person-centred care; Have a colonversation: You may save a life; New report an opportunity to understand and improve impact of organized breast cancer screening; The Partnership welcomes new Board members
  • February 2013: Join 260,000 Canadians connecting cause and effect for cancer and chronic disease; World Cancer Day 2013 targets cancer myths; Ruth Hawkins welcomed to Partnership’s Executive Team
  • January 2013: Call for applications: Board of Directors vacancies; BETTER tools help patients take action for healthier lives – including quitting smoking; Cancer prevention for healthier communities and healthier Canadians; New report shows progress and emerging trends in Canada’s cancer system


  • December 2012: Season’s greetings
  • November 2012: Lung cancer screening experts come together to act on evidence; New evidence-based patient resource available for cancer-related fatigue; Expanded inventory of cancer-related presentation slides now accessible online
  • October 2012: Facing breast cancer; Building on success, CLASP looks to the future; Making vital connections
  • September 2012: New report provides valuable information on breast cancer control across Canada; Cancer Control Snapshot: An update on colorectal cancer screening in Canada; Terry Fox Research Institute launches pan-Canadian network to find better tools to treat prostate cancer; The Partnership welcomes new Board members
  • August 2012: Annual Report 2011/12 highlights progress in advancing Canada’s cancer control strategy; Call for applicants: Advisory Groups and Strategic Priority Leads
  • June/July 2012: Returning to Work: Partnership adds to survivorship knowledge base; Canadian Partnership Against Cancer applauds federal government commitment to palliative care; Investing for short- and long-term health gains; Introducing Cervical Cancer Control in Canada
  • May 2012, Special Edition: Sustaining Action Toward a Shared Vision: Partnership releases five-year plan for next phase of Canada’s national cancer strategy
  • May 2012: Canadian Partnership Against Cancer announces new CEO; World No Tobacco Day; World Cancer Congress 2012: August 27-30; Canadian Cancer Statistics report shows cancer death rate is dropping; New tool launched to support decisions for health-care funding recommendations
  • April 2012: Board of directors announcement; Encouraging Canadians to share their wishes about end-of-life care; Cancer Control Snapshot
  • March 2012: Delivering on its commitments: Partnership releases 2012 Targets Status Report; Canada’s research community working together to answer questions about cancer, heart disease and other chronic diseases; From best evidence to best practice; Ordinary Canadians may help find the answers to the causes of cancer and chronic disease; New guidelines created for addressing fatigue in adult cancer patients

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