2018 Cancer System Performance Report

The 2018 Cancer System Performance Report compares provinces and territories in key areas of cancer care from prevention through to treatment and survivorship. It is the latest in a series of reports that shine a light on areas of Canada’s cancer system to show what’s working and where improvements are needed.

10 years ago, there was little consistently available information on the quality of cancer care across Canada. Over the past nine years, the Partnership has been working with a network of national partners, provincial cancer agencies, and territorial health authorities to identify what data exists and can be measured, to drive policy and practice changes to improve the delivery of cancer services and patient experience.

Quick facts from the 2018 Cancer System Performance Report

  • More Canadians are surviving cancer than ever before
  • A high rate of HPV vaccination, along with effective screening has the potential of eliminating cervical cancer in Canada, but the disease still killed ~400 women last year (CCS 2018)
  • Too many Canadians are still being diagnosed with preventable cancers. The Partnership is helping jurisdictions across the country develop policies for reducing smoking and is launching a substantial effort to improve lung health in Nunavut.
  • Canadians are still waiting too long for diagnostic tests to identify whether they have cancer showing there is a need for more action to reduce wait times and streamline referrals
  • Patients going through cancer treatment suffer symptoms like fatigue, pain, anxiety and depression and are often unable to receive support they need to address their concerns. More work is needed to link patients to the vast resources available across the country.

For more information, read the full 2018 Cancer System Performance Report.

Addressing these care gaps and challenges requires a coordinated pan-Canadian effort focused on a common set of national priorities and goals.  The Partnership is currently engaging thousands of Canadians across the country in the most comprehensive undertaking of its kind to modernize the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control and all Canadians are encouraged to participate by taking #30MinutesThatMatter and visiting www.cancerstrategy.ca.