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Cervical cancer is almost entirely preventable and highly curable when found and treated early.

elimination of cervical cancer

Download the action plan to eliminate cervical cancer.

The World Health Organization has set the goal to eliminate cervical cancer worldwide this century and Canada’s Minister of Health committed the country to achieving this. The Partnership has been working with partners across the country to develop the Action Plan for the Elimination of Cervical Cancer in Canada.

Preventing cancer and identifying it early and accurately are essential to saving lives and are key priorities of the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control 2019-2029. The Partnership has coordinated efforts with a broad group of partners, experts and stakeholders, including the Public Health Agency of Canada, as well as First Nations, Inuit and Métis organizations and patients to create the Action Plan to Eliminate Cervical Cancer in Canada, 2020-2030, which engages partners across the country in work to eliminate cervical cancer in Canada by 2040.

Interventions to increase community demand

Participant reminders such as letters, postcards and phone calls help increase screening participation. Follow-up information on the benefits of screening or help with scheduling appointments can also improve uptake. Direct communication from a healthcare provider or other personalized reminders are particularly effective among low-income populations.

School-based HPV immunization programs for girls and boys

Jurisdiction Immunization program for girls: Date of implementation Immunization program for girls: School grade when immunization is given Immunization program for boys: Date of implementation Immunization program for boys: School grade when immunization is given
YT 2009 Grade 6 2017 Grade 6
NT 2009 Grade 4-6 2017 Grade 4-6
NU 2013 Grade 6 2017 Grade 6
BC 2008 Grade 6 2017 Grade 6
AB 2008 Grade 6 2014 Grade 6
SK 2008 Grade 6 2017 Grade 6
MB 2008 Grade 6 2016 Grade 6
ON 2007 Grade 7 2016 Grade 7
QC 2008 Grade 4 2016 Grade 4
NB 2008 Grade 7 2017 Grade 7
NS 2007 Grade 7 2015 Grade 7
PE 2007 Grade 6 2013 Grade 6
NL 2007 Grade 6 2017 Grade 6

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