What is the database

The Cancer Guidelines Database is a searchable database of close to 1,000 English-language high-quality cancer control guidelines and standards.

The Cancer Guidelines Database, previously known as the Standards and Guidelines Evidence (SAGE) directory, is a searchable database of approximately 1,000 English-language cancer control guidelines and standards. They address all stages of the cancer continuum, from screening to survivorship and end-of-life care. The Cancer Guidelines Database is kept current with new records added on a bi-annual basis at minimum.

Why focus on cancer guidelines?

Cancer guidelines are a core strategy in cancer control because they systematically compile the best available evidence on specific health-care options and provide a basis for consistent, high-quality cancer care that can lead to improved patient outcomes.

The database’s goals are to act as a catalyst to enable greater evidence-based decision-making by clinicians and policy and system leaders across Canada.

The Cancer Guidelines Database provides updates on the status and quality of cancer guidelines and enables groups to strategize over the best use of both human and financial resources when adapting or implementing practice guidelines for policy or practice change.

Are the guidelines evaluated for quality?

The Partnership has reviewed and appraised the guidelines in the database for quality using the Appraisal of Guidelines for Research and Evaluation (AGREE) II instrument, the current gold standard in guideline critical appraisal. View how we evaluate guidelines for more information.

Who should use the Cancer Guidelines Database?

You may find the Cancer Guidelines Database helpful if you are a:

  • clinician who is interested in staying up to date on the latest recommendations for high-quality cancer control care
  • policy-maker who is interested in high-quality evidence-based resources to inform  decision-making processes and policies
  • system leader who is interested in using guidelines as part of an overall quality improvement mandate
  • researcher, to identify potential gaps in the cancer control field for future research
  • guideline developer, to reduce duplication, facilitate guideline adaptation, promote sharing or improve the quality of their guidelines

How was the database created?

Cancer Guidelines Database (formerly Standards and Guidelines Evidence (SAGE) directory) was originally created, through Partnership funding, by Dr. Melissa Brouwers and her research team at McMaster University in Hamilton. The Partnership has been working with the Centre for Effective Practice since 2014 to refresh and update the database with revised methodology and enhanced indexing.