Answer complex questions to improve patient outcomes and optimize cancer system resources.

What is OncoSim?

OncoSim is a free, web-based simulation tool that evaluates cancer control strategies. Combining data from the real world, expert opinion and the published literature, OncoSim projects health and economic outcomes, and attributes them to 19 risk factors, such as smoking and inadequate physical activity. It currently models four cancer sites (breast, colorectal, lung, and cervical) and related screening programs in detail, and provides high-level projections for 25 cancer sites. This unique and sophisticated tool is used by decision-makers across Canada to better understand the impact and value of cancer control interventions.

OncoSim is led and supported by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, with model development by Statistics Canada, and is made possible through funding by Health Canada.

Why is OncoSim a game-changer?

OncoSim is a state-of-the-art cost/benefit analysis tool that helps researchers, policy advisors and decision-makers working in the areas of cancer prevention, screening and treatment to predict the impact of policy changes on outcomes such as incidence, mortality and economic burden. It helps to fill information gaps when data is lacking or where clinical trials or practice experiments are not feasible. When faced with the challenge of how to spend tight health-care budgets, OncoSim can provide insight to help answer key policy questions in cancer care.

Working for you

OncoSim has helped policy analysts, clinicians, researchers, academics and program managers to assess and report on a variety of cancer control issues. Whether you are involved in practice or policy development for prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, palliative care or end-of-life care, you can strengthen your efforts with OncoSim’s customized cancer control projections. You can easily export OncoSim projections in data and graph formats to your computer for reference, analysis and presentation. If you publish or present results that include OncoSim analyses, please follow our notification guidelines.

For public sector use, OncoSim is available free of charge on an online platform with 24/7 access.

Contact us

If you think OncoSim has potential to support your work in cancer control, contact us at oncosim@partnershipagainstcancer.ca.