Publication and presentation notification

These guidelines outline how to notify the Partnership when publishing or presenting data from OncoSim, and how to source and credit your research.

OncoSim users can use the model-generated information for not-for-profit purposes. This permission includes the reporting of derived (internal and/or external) results based on information directly generated from the model.

When publishing or presenting results that include OncoSim analyses, we request that all users:

  • Notify the Partnership of any intended reporting of data derived from the use of OncoSim 30 calendar days prior to submitting a manuscript or abstract for publication or presentation.
  • Send a draft of the publication or presentation to the Partnership.
  • Notify the Partnership at least five business days prior to a media release.
  • Send notifications and drafts by email to
  • Acknowledge the Partnership with the following statement in publications and media releases:

“OncoSim is led and supported by the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, with model development by Statistics Canada, and is made possible through funding from Health Canada. The assumptions and calculations underlying the simulation results were prepared by the author(s), and the responsibility for the use and interpretation of these data and their reporting is entirely that of the author(s).”