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View a detailed list of evidence-based resources that used the OncoSim model and are useful for policy-makers and researchers.

Recent clinical guidelines, reports, publications and presentations using OncoSim are listed below. To access model assumptions and data sources, please request an account. For any inquiries, contact

Guidelines and reports

Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care guidelines

Canadian Cancer Society annual statistics reports

Alberta STE* Report, Institute of Health Economics

Peer-reviewed publications


Lung cancer

Colorectal cancer

Cervical cancer / HPV





To learn how to use the OncoSim platform, download the OncoSim user guide. This practical resource provides detailed information on the sub-models, as well as examples of applications. You will find out how to understand, analyze, edit and run simulations and scenarios.

Model documentation

To view other model documentation, such as the data dictionary, model assumptions and information on the model structure, please request an account.