Resources for students

Resources for students include video clips to introduce the Prevention Policies Directory and how it can be used to advance healthy public policy.

Taking a public policy course in your public or population health degree?

By providing centralized access to thousands of policy documents, the Directory helps you find policy information quickly and easily, acting as a starting point for completing assignments and course work, developing briefing notes, completing environmental scans, policy analysis and evaluation, and much more.


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Additional resources

Prevention Policies Directory resources for students of population and public health (2017)
This webinar provides an overview of the Prevention Policies Directory teaching resources for faculty and course instructors of schools of population and public health, and how they can be used to create assignments and lectures that develop student’s knowledge and skills in the core competencies of public health, particularly those that pertain to public policy.

Online continuing training course – A Framework for Analyzing Public Policies
This free online course from the National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy (NCCHPP) offers a structured approach to policy analysis via the use of an analytical framework, that can assist you in your coursework on analyzing healthy public policies.

For more information on the framework, please refer to the Framework for Analyzing Public Policies – Practical Guide briefing on NCCHPP’s website.