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Find Canadian and international policy databases related to healthy public policies.

The Prevention Policies Directory is an excellent starting point for finding public health policies related to cancer and chronic disease prevention. Use other Canadian and international databases of healthy public policies to complement your work.

Canadian Databases

INSPQ Public Policy and Health Portal
Jurisdiction: International, federal, provincial/territorial, municipal

Public health; this portal makes knowledge and practices relating to healthy public policy easily accessible.

Canadian enviroOSH Legislation plus Standards
Jurisdiction: Federal, provincial/territorial

This database provides access to full texts of health, safety and environmental legislation, as well as critical guidelines and codes of practice. French legislation content is available.

Non-Smokers’ Rights Association/Smoking and Health Action Foundation Smoke-Free Laws Database
Jurisdiction: Federal, provincial/territorial, municipal
This database contains bylaws and laws that exceed one or more provisions of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act related to second-hand smoke or e-cigarettes.

Complete Streets for Canada
Jurisdiction: Municipal
A mapped database of Canadian municipal case studies, policies, approaches and examples of complete streets.


International Databases

ENACT Local Policy Database
Jurisdiction: United States: Municipal, local, schools
This database catalogues promising food- and activity-related policies to provide concrete examples from various locales; demonstrate the range of emerging activity- and food-related policies; highlight efforts at the local level; and facilitate networking among policy-makers and advocates.

Healthy Community Design and Access to Healthy Food Legislation Database
Jurisdiction: United States: states
To support healthy eating and obesity prevention, this database provides access to state legislation and a comprehensive list of state documents, including state statutes, constitutions, legislative audits and research reports.

World Obesity – World Policy on Marketing to Children
Jurisdiction: International, federal
Use this map to discover the status of policy internationally on marketing of food and beverages to children.

NASBE State School Healthy Policy Database
Jurisdiction: United States: Federal, state, schools
This comprehensive database focused on school health contains laws and policies from 50 states on more than 40 topics.

State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation (STATE) System
Jurisdiction: United States: state
STATE is an electronic data warehouse containing up-to-date and historical state-level data on tobacco use prevention and control.

The Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity – Legislation Database
Jurisdiction: United States: federal, state

The legislation database tracks state and federal policies related to obesity and diet-related diseases in issue areas including access to healthy food, breastfeeding, farms and gardens, school nutrition and physical activity, food assistance programs, marketing/advertising to children, menu and package labelling, and food and beverage taxes.

Database of State Indoor Air Quality Laws
Jurisdiction: United States: state
The database includes enacted state laws addressing a variety of pollutants (e.g., radon, diesel emissions), practices (e.g., cleaning services) and building types (e.g., schools) with the lens of indoor air quality.

WCRF International NOURISHING framework
Jurisdiction: International: federal, local
The framework brings together 10 policy areas across three domains: food environment, food system and behaviour change communication. Its regularly updated database provides an overview of implemented government policy actions around the world.