What is the directory

Learn about the Prevention Policies Directory, a free, bilingual, online tool for finding cancer prevention policies from across Canada.

Jurisdictions often develop policies by learning what has worked well for others. Searching for and accessing policies can be time-consuming.

The Prevention Policies Directory (“the directory”) is a free, bilingual, online tool that makes it easier for population and public health research, practice and policy specialists to find Canadian policies related to cancer and chronic disease prevention. The directory can be used as a starting point for policy research, analysis, development, evaluation, monitoring and much more.

This searchable directory contains Canadian legal documents (legislation, regulations, codes) and policies relating to the key modifiable risk factors for cancer and chronic disease. The risk factors include nutrition, physical activity, built environment, alcohol consumption, tobacco use, infectious agents, occupational and environmental exposures, and UV and ionizing radiation. It provides summaries of the policies and direct access to the policy documents.

The directory is regularly updated via a combination of web-based environmental scanning technology and curation by a Partnership expert. For more details on the development of the directory, please refer to the peer-reviewed publication: Supporting the diffusion of healthy public policy in Canada: the Prevention Policies Directory.