Find out to what extent that alcohol retail systems are privatized

Privatization of alcohol retail system

Regulate commercial and public availability of alcohola,1,2,3,4

Limit privatization of alcohol retail systemb,3,4

Degree of adoption in Canada

Current actions in Canada
Adoption of evidence-informed policy action related to limiting privatization of the alcohol retail system across Canada is low.

Privatization of the alcohol retail system is present across all provinces and territories. Alberta operates a private retail system that is overseen by the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission, a government agency that establishes rules and regulations to control alcohol sales, distribution and consumption.

All other provinces and territories operate a mixed alcohol retail system, whereby government-controlled retail outlets sell and supply alcoholic beverages, along with other privately-owned outlets, such as agency stores, boutique stores, ferment-on premises outlets, brewery and winery stores, etc.