Setting goals during breast cancer treatment (Karen’s story)

In this video, Karen talks about being diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer six years ago, her treatment and treating it like a project

Watch as Karen talks about the kaleidoscope of emotions she experienced and how she treated her treatment as a project by setting goals.

She also shares how devastated she was to lose her hair and how she tried to find answers to all her questions. She discusses fear too, and sharing the news.

As Vice-President of The GlaxoSmithKline foundation, Karen manages community investments, philanthropic initiatives and stakeholder relations.

Your fear is greatest about the unknown and so the more you can gather information and knowledge I believe helps you to harness a little control over the situation because that’s what you’re feeling is totally out of control when somebody says you have cancer.

Watch the video of Karen talking about setting goals during her treatment for breast cancer

The Partnership’s Person-Centred Perspective initiative is committed to improving the patient experience. We are working with partners across Canada to find the best ways to offer a person-centred perspective throughout a person’s cancer journey and to help information flow throughout. The impact of a cancer diagnosis goes far beyond the physical disease. It affects every aspect of a person’s life. The initiative has focused on reporting about the patient experience, and giving health-care providers patient-centred tools and resources, which have been validated and standardized.

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