Supporting research and innovation in surgical cancer care

A strategic priority of the Pan-Canadian action plan for optimizing cancer surgical care

Pan-Canadian leadership is needed to oversee and prioritize research and innovation. Canada has fallen behind its international peers in research and innovation.

Calls to action to improve cancer surgery

The Canadian Network of Surgical Associations for Cancer Care (CANSACC) will work with its members and partners to support research and innovation:

  • We call on academic institutions and research organizations (including members of the Canadian Cancer Research Alliance) that are funding cancer research to prioritize research and innovation in cancer surgery.
  • We call on the Government of Canada to establish a dedicated surgical funding pool to support innovative, team-based surgical projects. A dedicated funding pool of $5-million investment in surgical cancer care research innovation can significantly support the advancement of innovative Canadian surgical research.
  • We call on the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement to support acceleration of the identification, spread and scale of proven health-care innovations, including active tracking of adverse events and outcomes.