Caring for a wife and daughter during cancer (Fred’s story)

In this video, Fred talks about supporting both his wife and daughter during cancer

Watch as Fred describes his wife surviving cancer three times and their losing of their oldest daughter to colon cancer. Fred also talks about cancer’s emotional impact.

He mentions his family’s experiences of seeking community support, including sharing circles. He also talks about raising awareness around cancer screening.

It was tough. I mean it was, you know, suddenly your partner, the person close to you is like in danger of dying. I mean it’s the bottom line on it. So, we managed to get through it but I got to be honest, it was a tough thing. I found it really stressful, in that it kept me awake at night and stuff like that. Yeah, I felt kind of helpless, you know, and I don’t like feeling helpless, never have.

Watch the video of Fred talking about supporting his wife through cancer three times and losing their daughter to colon cancer

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