Learn about HPV vaccine access and coverage in Quebec. Find out who can get a publicly funded HPV vaccine, where they can get it, and how much it costs to purchase it privately.

Download the map of HPV vaccine access and coverage in Canada.

needleHPV vaccine (type and dosage) administered

GARDASIL®9 (first dose) and CERVARIX® (second dose) is administered for individuals under 18 years of age. GARDASIL®9 (three doses) is administered to individuals over 18 years of age.1

schoolAccessing publicly funded HPV vaccination in school

Children receive the first does of the HPV vaccine in grade 4 and the second dose in secondary 3.2

peopleAccessing publicly funded HPV vaccination outside of school

Individuals 9 to 17 years of age who did not receive the HPV vaccine in school can get it for free by contacting their Local Community Service Centre (LCSC), doctor or pharmacist. The following groups of individuals can also receive a free HPV vaccine2:

  • Men up to age 27 who have or plan to have sex with men
  • Individuals up to age 27 who have a weakened immune system or are living with HIV

Primary care providers, physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and pharmacists4 can administer the vaccine. Prescriptions are technically not required for the HPV vaccine5 unless the individual is purchasing it themselves*.

red star in circleAccessing HPV vaccination outside of publicly funded programs

Individuals who did not receive the vaccine in school and are not eligible for the publicly funded vaccine can speak with their LCSC, doctor or pharmacist about getting it.2 If recommended, the vaccine series can be purchased privately for $510 to $630 (total cost for three doses)**. Some individuals may receive partial or full coverage for the HPV vaccine through their private health insurance plan, although access varies by jurisdiction, insurance provider and individual plans*.

*Prescriptions for the HPV vaccine are often required for private health insurance coverage. Primary care providers, physicians, nurse practitioners and pharmacists4 can prescribe the HPV vaccine.

**Based on the list price for GARDASIL®9. Prices range due to varied pharmacy costs and injection fees.

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