Cancer diagnosis even after proactive surgeries (Anju’s story)

In this video, Anju talks about her shocking diagnosis even after having prophylactic hysterectomy to avoid ovarian cancer

Watch as Anju, age 44, talks about her shock when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Due to her family’s history with the disease, she had proactively had prophylactic surgery by having a complete hysterectomy.

Anju talks about the many family members she’s lost to the disease. She also talks about taking time and figuring out what she needed to know about genetic cancer. As well, she discusses her brain fog and asking “why” despite her religious beliefs. She shares how she doesn’t want to be held back by fear.

I just felt like the most unlucky person on the face of the earth and it was like the rug was pulled from under my feet, and I just didn’t know…. What had hit me? How it had hit me? And it was hard to digest.

Watch the video of Anju talking about ovarian cancer and its place in her family

The Partnership’s Person-Centred Perspective initiative is committed to improving the patient experience. We are working with partners across Canada to find the best ways to offer a person-centred perspective throughout a person’s cancer journey and to help information flow throughout. The impact of a cancer diagnosis goes far beyond the physical disease. It affects every aspect of a person’s life. The initiative has focused on reporting about the patient experience, and giving health-care providers patient-centred tools and resources, which have been validated and standardized.

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