Prostate cancer, recurrence and bone metastasis (Doug’s story)

In this video, Doug G. talks about treating prostate cancer, dealing with a recurrence and now dealing with the pain of bone metastasis

Watch as Doug talks about being diagnosed with and treating prostate cancer at the age of 49, dealing with a recurrence a few years later and now, over seven years later, dealing with the pain from the cancer having metastasized to his bones.

Doug also talks about sharing the news and the many different reactions, finding support at home and online, accepting that he’s physically limited and trying to manage the stress of working while fighting cancer. He shares how cancer opened his eyes to how he was living his life.

Doug shares his experience with palliative care in another video. His wife, Dianne, also talks about being his caregiver.

Doug passed away in May 2012. He had worked in business development for a large software company. He was married with two children.

It’s very easy for people to just close the doors and pull down the blinds and stay inside and curl up and wait for the worst to happen. Because it seems so big and so huge and cancer really is a huge, huge thing. They talk about the big C and I really understand what that means.

Watch the video of Doug G. talking about prostate cancer, recurrence and bone metastasis

The Partnership’s Person-Centred Perspective initiative is committed to improving the patient experience. We are working with partners across Canada to find the best ways to offer a person-centred perspective throughout a person’s cancer journey and to help information flow throughout. The impact of a cancer diagnosis goes far beyond the physical disease. It affects every aspect of a person’s life. The initiative has focused on reporting about the patient experience, and giving health-care providers patient-centred tools and resources, which have been validated and standardized.

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