Return-to-work concerns for people with cancer and their caregivers

Review information about the challenges faced when a person with cancer returns to work during or after treatment

This April 2012 report presents the findings of a literature review and consultation. Learn about the challenges faced when a person with cancer returns to work during or after treatment.

Before this report, the work–life experience for Canadians with cancer and their caregivers had been inadequately addressed. This report focuses on the survivorship issue of returning to work from the perspective of those most affected by a cancer diagnosis.


Overall, this report’s research findings led to the following resource recommendations:

  • Create a website or offline pamphlet about income support.
  • Spread awareness about critical illness and disability insurance for the self-employed.
  • Create information about workplace accommodation for small-business employers of people with cancer.
  • Create workplace accommodation information for employers of caregivers.
  • Create rehabilitation programs and resources to address concerns about side effects.
  • Share information about what side effects individuals may experience which could affect their work and how existing rehabilitation programs can give support.
  • Form a working group of cancer, insurance and employer representatives as well as health professionals to create resources about the above topics.

As a result, the Partnership has funded Cancer and Work to offer information and resources about RTW to Canadian cancer survivors, health-care providers and employers.

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