2022-23 Annual report


Leadership message

Hello, I’m Craig Earle, CEO of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer.

As you read this annual report, you will see the impact the Partnership and partners across Canada are having on improving cancer outcomes for all people affected by cancer, no matter who they are or where they live.

This year marks 16 years of collaborative action to achieve our shared vision of a future in which:

  • Fewer people develop cancer
  • More people survive cancer
  • Those living with the disease have a better quality of life, and
  • All people in Canada have equitable access to quality cancer care

The Partnership has a unique and important mandate to drive excellence in cancer care through the Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control.

We are uniquely positioned to work across national, provincial and territorial lines to spark action, fuel innovation and forge connections that drive real and meaningful change, helping the health system broadly with addressing challenges like health human resources.

This annual report is our opportunity to shine a light on the incredible work our partners are leading to implement the Strategy’s eight priorities and strengthen cancer care for all people in Canada affected by the disease.

Cancer care in Canada continues to improve, but not everyone is benefitting equally.

First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples, recent immigrants, racialized communities and those who live in rural and remote areas are examples of populations that still experience barriers to fully accessing the cancer system.

The COVID-19 pandemic deepened existing inequities and placed exceptional pressure on the healthcare system and people living with cancer.

The challenges of the past few years were extraordinary, but we came through equally committed to continue advancing the priorities of the Strategy and focused on many of the same values as before the pandemic, including our commitment to reconciliation and prioritizing health equity.

Through this lens of health equity, we are focused on supporting actions such as:

  • Eliminating cervical cancer
  • Supporting high-quality cancer screening
  • Introducing innovative models of care
  • Expanding access to palliative care
  • Improving cancer care for First Nations, Inuit and Métis, and
  • Advancing data capabilities and supporting research

Our annual report is a look back on a year in which we completed all work extended because of the pandemic, transitioned to active implementation of our 2022–27 business plan and began new initiatives with partners to improve cancer outcomes and help the broader healthcare system reduce pressure on health human resources.

Thank you to the Partnership’s hundreds of partners and advisors, Board of Directors, Executive team and staff for your commitment to changing cancer in Canada.

Together, we’re doing what cannot be done alone.

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